It's probably safe to assume that nobody resolves to buy a whole bunch of junk in the new year. So here's to starting 2014 off right:Get these scores that you will actually wear and use for 35% off with the code YEARINYEAROUT.

Duane Park Messenger
Though this blue-gray leather is still plenty neutral, it's a lot more interesting than your basic black. Buy for $165 $107.25 with code.

Marble Notes and Planner Set
A notebook, a planner, and a calendar—and they're a hell of a lot prettier than anything you'll find at Staples. Buy for $60 $39 with code.

Henry Wallet
Maybe this will keep you from fumbling through your bag in search of your ID or bus pass. Maybe it won't. Either way, it will look freakin' great. Buy for $68 $44.20 with code.

Horizon Bracelet
Slip this sucker on with anything and everything, and feel like you tried. Buy for $100 $65 with code.

Camden Zip Clutch
This is like the anti-glitzy clutch—which means that you'll carry it on the reg. Like, seriously all the time. Buy for $145 $94.25 with code.

Blue Marl Cardigan
If you're going to keep a cardigan on the back of your office chair, it shouldn't be a ratty one. And, HEY: This puppy's as good-looking as it is cozy. Buy for $288 $187.20 with code.

Henry Carrier Bag
No, this won't making schlepping your laptop fun, exactly, but it will make it 37% less annoying. Buy for $345 $224.25 with code.

Donegal Knit Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves: Because those Instagram captions don't write themselves. Buy for $75 $48.75 with code.

Reversible Kimono Robe
A robe's a very grown-up thing to have, right? And it's a whole lot easier to make coffee wearing one of these than just a towel. Buy for $198 $128.70 with code.


And, guess what? You can use that code YEARINYEAROUT for 35% off anything from Of a Kind until Jan. 4 at 10am ET.