Show those three-ounce containers who's boss. Get this slick, good-looking toiletry bag for $10 off with the code WILLTRAVEL.

If you're in the market for a V-day gift—for a boy or a girl—this sucker's there for you. Maybe stick a fancy-smelling shampoo inside? Or, if you're a serious baller, a plane ticket to somewhere warm and un-wintery?

It makes a damn good present for yourself, too. It's unfussy, but it's polished—the canvas exterior looks jazzy sitting on a bathroom counter, and the nylon lining protects from any sunscreen explosions.


Heck, it even comes with some cheeky temporary tattoos that'll provide some short-term entertainment when your Netflix queue starts dwindling on these February nights.

Whatcha waiting for? This guy's yours for $80 with the code WILLTRAVEL.

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